2008 Spring Ride

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McCurdy Horse Association Trail Ride
April 5, 2008

By Jim Rooks
The spring trail ride, April 5, 2008, was a great success in spite of the rain and a cloudy day. The Southern Sportsman’s Hunting Lodge, located on U.S. Highway 80 between Selma and Montgomery, hosted the ride. As the riders gathered Friday, they were greeted by the Lodge staff and served a fabulous dinner of Southern fried catfish. As the group mingled and shared a common interest of their love for horses and riding, it became evident they were the core of this growing family called horse enthusiasts. This ride is one of two rides sponsored annually by the McCurdy Plantation Horse Association and Registry.

Mr. Roy A. Rogers who is an Associational Director and breeder of McCurdy Plantation horses, stated; “The morning ride was rained out, but everyone still had a good time, and the fellowship has been fantastic. With the McCurdy Association, we like the fellowship, friendship, and folks talking horses. When we get together, we talk about our children, grandchildren and the good Lord. We may even witness to some one on the trail ride.”

The afternoon ride started after a great lunch of smoked chicken and potato salad. The rain had slacked off, and approximately 43 riders started out on a beautiful trail ride through narrow paths that opened up into beautiful pastures, across swollen streams and eventually to a wide-open hilltop over looking a valley below. The pastures and fields were green, and the trees were beginning to leaf out. The pace was easy, with several stops alone the way to gather up everyone. Mr. Ed McCurdy, Jr. said that there are normally 200 horses and riders creating a one-mile long trail of folks. The weather, being what it was this day, I commented about the folks on this trail ride being the core of trail riders. They wanted to ride regardless of what the weather was like.

McCurdy Association directors, Ed McCurdy Jr., Roy A. Rogers, Colleen Cates and Ted Pouncey were present for the ride. Directors, Grey Till, Jr. and Ron Mann were unable to attend. Several horses were presented for Foundation Registration through personal inspection as well as video presentations.

The McCurdy Plantation Horse Association has three chapters throughout the United States. They are in Alabama, Texas, and South Carolina with approximately 250 members in Alabama. The next ride will be October 3-4, 2008. More about this association can be obtained on their website, www.mccurdyhorses.com

For more information about the Southern Sportsman Hunting lodge, go to www.southernhunting.com