McCurdy Plantation Horse Association

Pictured L to R:   Ed McCurdy, A. Grey Till, Jr., Colleen Cates, Roy Rogers, Teddy Pouncey

MPH Registry Board of Directors:

Roy Rogers (President)
Ed McCurdy (Secretary/Treasurer)
Colleen Cates (Public Relations)
Teddy Pouncey
Grey Till (Director Emiretus)


Top Row L to R: Roy Rogers, Ed McCurdy, Teddy Pouncey

Bottom Row L to R: Tammy Mason, Colleen Cates, Vicki Lipscomb

2015-2016 MPH Association Board Of Directors:

Roy Rogers (President)
Colleen Cates (Secretary/Treasurer)
Ed McCurdy
Teddy Pouncey
Tammy Mason
Vicki Lipscomb
June Snook
Susan Wells, DVM
Terri Boutwell
Casey Eckert Kight, DVM
Alfred Carter

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McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry 334-412-0090
McCurdy Plantation Horse Association 334-412-0090
Registry Directors and Board of Directors


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