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SPRING RIDE:  First Saturday of April

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Pictures of the April 2016 ride

Pictures of the April 2015 ride

Pictures of the April 2014 ride

Pictures of the April 2013 ride

Pictures of the April 2011 ride

Pictures of the April 2009 ride

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Pictures of the March 2007 ride

Pictures of the April 2006 ride

Pictures of the April 2002 ride

Pictures of spring 2001 trail ride

FALL RIDE:  First Saturday of October

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2016 Fall Ride Pictures

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All riders must pay fee and obtain a name tag to ride.

We want owners of McCurdy-registered horses to bring as many as possible to exhibit them,
and for owners of prospective candidates for registration to bring those for evaluation.
Ride is open to any breed.

Ribbons in the horse's manes designates they are for sale.

Yellow ribbons designates a McCurdy Horse for sale.

Bring personal water buckets, etc. For care of your horses.


We wish to thank all our sponsors!

“He ambles so very easily through the air,
that you may carry in your hand a cup of water a thousand leagues,
and not spill a drop … he is none of your high flyers,
he cannot gallop in the air: but on the king’s highway,
he shall pace ye with the best ambler that ever went on four legs.”

Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote

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