The McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry and Association

Out of the past, like a scene from "Gone With The Wind" comes a gaited horse breed from a plantation in Central Alabama. The Spanish moss drapes from the trees like old grey lace in the picturesque antebellum town of Lowndesboro, Alabama. Home of the McCurdy family and the McCurdy Plantation Horse.

1) Eva (horse)... far left,
2) Edward S. McCurdy, Jr.
3) Mrs C. W. Garrett (Eva)
(Edward S. McCurdy Sr. mother in law)
4) Caswell G. McCurdy (Uncle Cas)
5) Edward S. McCurdy, Sr. on Fox
6) Lewis H. McCurdy
7) Eva McCurdy Milligan
8) Mrs. Edward S. McCurdy (Mary)
9) Lady Mary (horse)

If you desire a naturally gaited versatile horse with a calm disposition, that's easy to train, a joy to own and ride -- consider a McCurdy.

The purpose of the Registry (est. 1993) and the Association (est. 1995) is to preserve this historic bloodline as a distinct breed, promote their use & enjoyment, and enhance the knowledge and appreciation of the McCurdy Horse as a treasured legacy of the Old South.

McCurdy's in Minnesota


Annual Fall Trail Ride

October 30, 2021

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