McCurdy Plantation Horse Association
Fall Ride 2021

Approximately 45 riders convened at The Southern Sportsman Lodge for the annual MPH Fall Ride on Oct. 30. 2021.

The weather was brisk, very cool, and overcast. The horses, and many of them were McCurdy's, were fresh and eager to move out over the beautiful 11.5 mile trail course that was meticulously groomed by Lodge owner Jim Mason and assistants.

A delicious hot BBQ lunch was served to all riders, family and friends when we returned.

An open MPH Association meeting was held afterwards to share updates on the rides, finances, publicity, and Registrations. The floor was opened to questions, comments, or suggestions by Association members.

Sellars McCurdy was thanked for all of his work to create all new MPH Association Tee shirts for sale. They were a huge success both at the ride and also on the MPH Facebook page from McCurdy owners from all over the USA who ordered them online.

Several people brought their MPH's for sale and for promotion.

Ashley Mason was the organizer for the Southern Sportsman Hunting Lodge.

Teri Boutwell was the Association Ride manager. All of the Registry Directors and several of the Association Advisory Board members were on site and worked hard to make this ride a success.