156  Foundation Mares
 33   Foundation Stallions
337  Pedigree Registered
 45   Appendix
   5   Geldings

There are three types of Registration in the McCurdy breed and they are as follows:

 1) Foundation Mares and Stallions are those horses that have been performance registered, i.e. they were inspected, video and ridden by at least one Registry director before being approved by the Registry board.

2) Pedigree Registered horse is a result of the cross of two foundation horses (McCurdy Stallion X McCurdy Mare) or two pedigreed registered horses.

3) Appendix Registrations are the result of crossing a Foundation McCurdy (stallion or mare) to another registered gaited horse (TWH, Missouri Fox Trotter, Racking, and Rocky Mountain. Breeds with termino are not allowed: ie Peruvian Paso or Paso Fino.). The first generation cross is registered as a 1/2 McCurdy. One outcross is allowed and is registered as 1/2 McCurdy or Appendix McCurdy.


McCurdy Plantation Horses are naturally gaited. Their natural saddle gait is commonly referred to as "the McCurdy lick." It is a straight forward, lateral, four-beat, single-footing gait that is extremely smooth.

They also perform the flat walk and running walk, the natural rack, and an ambling stepping pace.

In all cases, it is a very smooth, comfortable gait that literally can be ridden all day without rider fatigue. The McCurdy is noted for giving a safe, secure, smooth ride in any terrain or condition.